Saturday, July 18 2020

How to color your white hair well?

Have you decided to take the step of coloring your hair? Too much white hair has appeared and it's time to take matters into your own hands! Conditioning, installation, cleaning, maintenance ... Learn all the pro tips to achieve flawless coloring of your gray hair!

They are assimilated to aging and cause us a lot of worry when they appear. However genetics are also taken into account; some have seen them appear since adolescence. A bleaching of our hair which occurs when the melanocytes, the cells responsible for the color of the hair, stop secreting melanin. So we opt for coloring to camouflage them. But how do you really hide them? Answers!

Take stock of your gray hair
Even if the situation seems catastrophic, assessing the situation of your gray hair can be important for the choice of your coloring. Whether it is to conceal a few scattered white hairs or to cover hair completely with salt and pepper, it is better to adapt the type of coloring. For some white roots, a simple tone on tone that fades into a few shampoos is enough when, for a graying mane, a permanent coloring (which allows waiting for regrowth) is ideal for perfect coverage of white hair.

Choosing the right color to cover your gray hair
The best way to color is to leave your hair in the hands of a hairdresser who masters the colors and the layouts. Since you don't necessarily have the budget for this, the brands of home-made colorings are constantly innovating to promise ease of installation and long-lasting hold. If you want to restore shine to your natural color or cover your white hair, get as close to your color as possible by observing your roots or your eyebrows. Prefer colorings without ammonia which, even if they hold less time, attack the hair less at the time of installation.

What to do before coloring your gray hair?
One of the best tips to protect your hair and allow your coloring to last longer is to not wash your hair 24 to 48 hours before applying color. Sebum, produced naturally by the scalp, is an ideal barrier to sheath it and thus protect it from your color. Once washed, the hair is "slippery" and does not allow a good grip of the color: this is why a hair of dirty appearance is better to capture the color on the white hair.

How to properly cover your gray hair?
Check it out advise, for a coloring, to start with the lower mass so as not to pronounce the color too much on the top time to finish laying the last touches of product. Regarding the coverage of white hair, prefer a pose starting with the areas that have the most to give the product time to color them well. To be able to make the contour of the face well but nevertheless to avoid the traces of coloring on the forehead and the temples, think before coloring to "contour" your face with soapy water: by finishing your coloring, a simple passage of a wet glove will remove any unsightly drops of dye.

Maintenance to limit the appearance of gray hair
The problem with white hair is that once the coloring is done, the regrowth (which can occur only a few days after your color) again causes silver dots to appear at the roots. No need to go back through the full coloring box: root kits or coloring sprays can allow you to delay the repair of your color. Remember to maintain your coloring with specially dedicated care that will keep the shine of your coloring: even if they can not do anything for gray hair, they can give you the opportunity to pamper your hair weakened by color.